Our factory
The RIT Company manufacture is a modern machining and assembly industrial enterprise specializing in modern thermal isolation production of various types. The company products are widely used in the oil and gas industry.

1100 Sq. M. total production area of RIT manufacture.
The (RIT) factory equipped with modern CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) – CNC machines.
Machines: Milling Lathe, Turning/Milling center, five axial lathe Turning/Milling center, Gas-Plasma Machine, Leaf-bending Machine.
All this equipment allows not only to produce a standard range of products, but also to offer our services for the execution of third-party orders, including the manufacture of large-sized parts.
Paying special attention to the quality of our products, the company carries out 4 stages of product control:
  1. Blanks quality control.
  2. Semi-assembly and assembly areas quality control.
  3. Blocks adjacent joining control.
  4. Products packing control.
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