Quick-Release soft thermal and noise isolation for difficult constructive areas installation

Difficult structure design areas (QRSTI) are located in jointly areas of equipment and pipelines. As well as in the passage of construction elements.
To solve these design difficulties, we proposed to use Quick Release soft thermal and noise isolation (QRSTI), regarding its flexible quick-release isolation design it gives the project long term life operation.
Blocking the release of heat flow and noise pressure into the environment
Reduction of vibration transmission from equipment to pipelines
Flexibility of design solutions and execution technology
Quick access to the equipment and pipelines jointly areas
Soft (QRTI)
Construction Features

1. Outer layer made of moisture resistant material

2. The inner layer (filler) made of thermal isolation wool filled with a material corresponding to the technical condition of each individual project.

3. Fastening system with D-ring straps and high-temperature resistant Velcro

4. Reinforced fiberglass contact layer
Soft (QRTI)
Outer and contact layer

Insulation fabric TEXO 1110 V4A SIK70 GRAU

Reinforced fiberglass with stainless steel thread

The fabric is impregnated with a special (Polyurethane) a composition that gives the product resistance increasing to high temperatures.

Reliable protection from molten splash.

Density – 1290 g /m2

Material thickness – 1.6 mm

Silica fabric PS 1200 heat

resistant silica fabric is made by weaving silica threads

Environment friendly, multifunctional, thermal protective fabric based on silica fibers, contains 97-99% SiO²

Inert to most chemical reagents, resistant to the influence of organic and mineral acids of any concentration (except for hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric) and weak alkalis to molten metals.

Low thermal conductivity

Long life time of operation without affecting any feature at a temperature of 1000 – 1200 C and for a less life time at temperature up to 1700 C
Soft (QRTI)
Heat and noise insulating layer

БСТВ MATS – basalt heat

insulating mats БСТВ fiber, from which МТБ mats are made, it has excellent thermal insulation features, does not burned, does not expired, highly resistant to aggressive effects of chemical environment, as well as to vibrations.

Keeps thermos physical characteristics during operations

It is not exposed to micro organisms, does not rot and it is not harmed by rodents

Physical features and service life maintains the structure at a level that provides the required thermal insulation.

Belongs to the group of non- combustible materials (GOST 30244-94) according to PB 03-585-03 (version 25) NPB 114-2002 for fire zones


It has excellent insulation features and excellent thermal stability

Good resistance to recrystallization, resistance to sudden temperature changes (thermal shock)

Good noise absorption and low heat build –up

Excellent resistance to tearing before and after heating
Heat capacity – 1400 C


Flexible roll material designed to work with high temperatures

At a temperature of 150 C or higher, the thickness of the air gel is 3.5 times less than the traditional thermal insulation

Maximum application temperature is 1000 C

The curve of the dependence of the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the air gel is flatter compared to any conventional thermal insulation

Have high hydrophobic features


E-Glass based materials

Made of fiberglass with diameter of 6-9 microns randomly located around the entire perimeter of the canvas

IPS-T has high thermal insulation features and mechanical strength

Resistant to chemical and biological effects

Application temperature from -40 to +550 C

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