Designers and employees of “Russian Innovative Technologies LLC” RIT took a direct part in the development, design and manufacture of QRTI (Quick-Removable Thermal Isolation) for pipelines mutually with NIKIMT company (part of the control loop of ATOMENERGOPROEKT Company) in Rastov and Kaleningrad cities.
The company specialists were assigned the following tasks:
  1. Provide quick assembly / disassembly for operative access to pipeline seams.
  2. Elimination of drain clogging possibility if the anti-fire system triggered.
  3. Expansion of the thermal isolation range and reduction of its weight.
To solve the set tasks, designers of (Russian Innovative Technologies LLC) “RIT” have developed a fundamentally new type of isolation systems – QRTI.
Cooperation with NIKIMT Company made it possible to develop a fundamentally new QRTI design for Nuclear Power Plant pipelines and allowed productive cooperation with Rosatom State Corporation “Engineering Division” Nizhny Novgorod in terms of QRTI and Nuclear Power Plant equipment design developments.

Our project is based on solving the following customer problems:
  1. The need to eliminate heat loss at the joints of thermal isolation blocks.
  2. The need to increase the resistance of thermal isolation to vibration loads.
3. The subsequent development of the QRTI was to work on solving production problems at the GAZPROM Trans Gas division – “GAZPROM Trans Gas UFA LLC”. The main task in this project was to develop a unique system of thermal and noise isolation which allow the necessary standards of operation conditions for workers. Also the customer requirement was to increase the service life time of thermal and noise isolation.

The designers of (Russian Innovative Technologies LLC) “RIT” have developed QRHNI (Quick-Removable Heat –Noise Isolation) for gas-pumping stations of heat support points.
In order to prevent pipelines gas icing at the Voskresenskaya compressor station, our specialists developed a constructive heating and isolation scheme using heating elements and QRTI.
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